For Our Public Community

Our Community

We need your help to build our community. Bring your friends, family, forgotten cousins, or anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

Expand Our Mission

With your support, we can go farther in our missions and operations to clean more areas. Our events are open to anyone, service related or not!

Join Our Veterans

Supporting our veterans and active duty volunteers allows us to continue to empower them with your help. Work alongside them to make a true impact together!

Network with Professionals

We don't stop at our environment, we take pride in our internal network to help our Veterans and Volunteers grow and meet others.

Our Message To The Public

We strive to make the experience of our cleanup as inclusive and positive as possible for all volunteers. To join our mission, you do not need to be a veteran or an active-duty member! Please feel free to invite anyone you’d like and be part of the RFV community today!