Our Eco-Warrior Program

The Eco-Warrior Program offers benefits and community resources to all service members and veterans who want to expand their network and serve in equally important ways. With donor support, we have found more ways to scale our impact. This program is designed for anyone who has signed the dotted line, and we look forward to expanding these programs for all service members in 2023.

Hear what some of our

Eco-Warriors have to say

It's bigger than all of us

Being an Eco-warrior isn’t just about cleaning up our communities, it’s a ticket to becoming part of an incredible, supportive and like minded family. Since I left the Marine Corps in 2014, I have been searching for that comradely again, trying to find a space where I felt understood and supported. I found more than I could imagine with RFV, and each cleanup has given me the opportunity to meet new people and to network. RFV is about succeeding and helping each other while having the opportunity to serve our communities and to protect our lands, once again.

- Paige

RFV to me, is a family

Hey I’m an Eco Warrior with RFV. I came into RFV because I love the community and what it’s able to bring to veterans and active duty. For me personally I was able to find a like minded community that I was able to relate too on top of a network that helped me find a purpose after the Marine Corps. There were so many opportunities and friends to help me along the way to help me find my career path after the military.

- Austin